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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Perfect Christmas Letter

If you weren't one of the precious few to receive our annual Christmas letter, I'm generously sharing it here. You're welcome.

My Dearest Family & Friends,

This year has been such a busy, blessed and wonderful year for our 
family-- where to begin?!!  As I’m sure you all saw on TV, with my beloved spouse's company going global, all those exhausting flights back and forth to Europe, vacations with Oprah, etc. we were finally able to get that private jet we’ve been eyeing.  Whew! No more commercial flights with the commoners!!

I’ve been super busy, too! Along with my charity work in Sierra Leone, my fundraising, my organic garden, yoga-lates and beekeeping, I’m still very active on the PTA, the HOA, the CCA, the NRA and the NAACP. Of course, let’s not forget the most important job IN THE WORLD-- raising two prodigies. As you probably cannot even imagine, having two profoundly gifted and gorgeous “mini-me”s can be a challenge, but we muddle through! If you missed the thrice-daily  Facebook updates on their activities, here’s the short version--

don’t want to bore you!!

Henry is turning 12 and breezing through 
sixth grade AP classes!! We
are talking to MIT and considering some college courses to keep him challenged. When he’s not wowing his professors, he enjoys online games, chat rooms, writing computer code, and tinkering with math theorems for fun. He’s so well-rounded-- he also loves Crossfit, eating healthy to fuel his body and music, too!! This year he mastered the saxophone and in fact, we are thrilled to announce he will be touring with Kenny G. this summer- but summer only. School  
first, mister!!! 

Our darling Camille is now 8, going on 18! She’s taking a break from modeling in
Paris to concentrate on her studies. She is loving third grade and is on Honor Roll, yet again. She continues to be a spirited but sweet, quiet young lady, just like her mother!!!

She loves fashion, dance, visual art, poetry, astrology, pyrotechnics, and her American Girl doll collection. She can spend hours playing with them and making up stories. So creative, that one! She even has her own Wiccan jewelry line, which admittedly I don’t know much about but I plan on spending more time learning about it when I can catch my breath! 

Lastly, our incredibly intelligent, furry family member, our protector and pointer, Mudge, continues to astound hunters and spectators alike- whether we’re out  walking in the neighborhood or in the field. He made the cover of Dog  
Fancy again this month when they got wind of the story in our local paper about him pulling the toddler from the well!  I’m sure you read about that. The story went viral. Everyone was talking about it!!!  And it’s no surprise that right after that, he was singled out by the AKC as Top Grand Champion, Master Hunting Retriever Of All Time!!!!

Well, I could go on but I’m exhausted, so I’ll close by saying I hope the coming year finds you as blessed and humble as we.